About us

We are a dedicated lure fishing store, our enthusiasm is for all types lures and lure fishing.

We are lure fishermen with many years of experience and we have turned our passion into a business to promote lure fishing. We test the products by fishing with them and we would not sell anything that we would not use ourselves. We are excited and enthisiastic about lure fishing whether is is by traditional wooden plugs, metals, sabiki style lures, flies, soft lures or modern hybrids. We enjoy saltwater and freshwater fishing for small and large species. We are encouraged by youth fishing and styles such as LRF that are becoming an urban sport and pastime.

We want to supply you with the best so that we can be involved in your fishing too.

Some important details

We are: Hyperlures Limited.

We are company number 10608648 registered in England.

We are VAT registered, our VAT number is: GB 261 3156 29.

Our registered office is at Littlehaven House, 24-26 Littlehaven Lane, Horsham. West Sussex. RH12 4HT.

We neither source nor sell 'grey market' products, our products come from the manufacturer's official distribution channels and are backed by any manufacturer's warranty and support. 

We are a web based shop, we would prefer that you contact us using the contact us page by clicking here or finding the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of every page.