Ecogear Aqua Mini Bottle

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Ecogear Aqua Mini Bottle
Manufacturer: Ecogear
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A mini stocker for the smaller Ecogear Aqua products to keep them immersed in their liquid. Particularly suitable for the Straw Tail Grub.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater use.

48ml container.


  • Please check that you have closed and locked the lid tightly. 
  • Please keep the mini bottle upright lide side upwards. Please do not keep in another orientation for long periods. 
  • Please note that there is a possibility of liquid leakage. 
  • Do not use those that are missing or cracked. 
  • Please do not put near fire. 
  • When cleaning, scratching may occur if polishing with hard substance such as scrubbing or polishing utensils or powder. 
  • The surface may be clouded by excessive cleaning. 
  • Please do not use bleach or chlorine type detergent.
  • It is normal to see white deposits of dried Aqua liquid, it is also normal for the Aqua liquid to turn a brown colour over time - it still remains effective.
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