Ecogear Bug Ants 4"/102mm

Ecogear Bug Ants 4"/102mm (7 per pack)
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  • White [010 Pearl Glow]
    White [010 Pearl Glow]
  • Green [043 Pumpkin]
    Green [043 Pumpkin]
  • Red [077 Sanriku / Red Flake]
    Red [077 Sanriku / Red Flake]
  • Blue [253 Blue Black]
    Blue [253 Blue Black]

Bug Ants feaure a flat body and complex leg design to catch the water and spread apart the paddles and legs providing lots of movement and vibrations to get attention from the fish. Bug Ants are of a controllable and tough design made from an elastic natural sinking material. Scented and flavoured along with lots of movement the Bug Ants catch fish.

Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, available in 2"/3"/4" and up to 13 different colours.

Bug Ants offer versatile rigging and can be fished Texas, Carolina or with a jig head.

Items Per Pack7
Length102mm / 4"
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