Ecogear Shirasu Head Fine 2.3g

Ecogear Shirasu Head Fine 2.3g (5 per pack)
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The Shirasu Head Fine been designed to attain a high level of stability and straightness during swimming and curve fall. Making use of extra sharp tipped hooks and micro barbs developed from the 'Ultimate Hooking' concept. The press edge keeper holds on to very small soft lures without breaking them. The low center of gravity keeps the lure in the upright position while swimming and allows it to fall head down when dropped.

This Shirasu Head Fine has been especially developed for the technical LRF and light game fisherman. 

Available in 5 weights ranging from 1/48 oz (0.6g) – 5/64 oz (2.3g) across 4 (fine) hook sizes.

Items Per Pack5
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